Enzyme resistant starch production project which was suggested by Tübitak Marmara Research Center Food Institute as a project idea 3.5 years ago, is one of the rare food projects funded directly by Tübitak. Our scientists focused on Type 4 which is the most valuable type of Enzyme Resistant Starch found in 5 species in the nature and project was put into practice after approval of Scientific Committee of Tübitak. Data obtained after meticulous literature researches was collected in a pool and laboratory works for the production of Enzyme Resistant Starch began from mid 2015. 

Works in laboratory environment gave their first positive results in November 2015. Data that which was started to be obtained after studies carried out meticulously by our scientists, were supported with analysis and tests and results enabled the project to evolve towards being the first in the world.  

These studies conducted gave positive results since January 2016 and 100% pure enzyme resistant starch production in laboratory environment was completed. 

After this study, our scientists focused on what would be the most appropriate products that could show beneficial effects of Enzyme Resistant Starch in terms of human health and studies began to be carried out in this area. Demirpolat Group of Companies which had followed every step of the study until that date, cooperated with TÜBİTAK MAM and confidentiality agreement was signed between institutions. After this stage, project started to be carried out by Public-Private Sector Cooperation. After two institution joined their forces, quality of the project increased and project evolved rapidly towards the development of Turkey's first Healthy Flour.  

After a number of analyzes, tests and studies conducted, effects of Enzyme Resistant Starch which was developed in laboratory environment, on various products such as  especially bread made from white flour and cream cake, cookie, cake, burek, gevrek, Turkish pancake, etc. were investigated and diet and diabetic flour was obtained considering the criteria set by  European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

TÜBITAK MAM and Demirpolat Group of Companies moved their cooperation to the next level in November 2016, agreed on transfer of enzyme resistant starch developed to the industrial environment and provision of license and on a meaningful day like November 14, World Diabetes Day, License Transfer Agreement was signed. 

After this agreement, Food, Mechanical and Industrial Engineers and project managers of Demirpolat Group of Companies came together with officials of TÜBITAK MAM and began to spend a lot of time for ensuring industrial production. Demirpolat Group of Companies decided to implement its own process for production of Enzyme Resistant Starch that exists in the world and whose industrial production steps are kept like a secret and it brought facility that produces world's first and only 100% pure Enzyme Resistant Starch in terms of its process and final product to Turkey. 

In the production facilities of Enzyme Resistant Starch whose output in industrial environment is exactly same as the one in laboratory environment, products produced was put into reaction with wheat flour after meticulous works of experts of TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute and production of Turkey’s first Enzyme Resistant Starch was achieved based on analysis results. 

Demirpolat Group of Companies has brought this product named Realife which will make a distinguished name for itself in the global arena to our country. 

Realife Diet and Diabetic Flour

It is natural white wheat flour we know.

Its content was determined by a series of analyzes performed in the laboratory environment. 

Realife enables production of White Bread and bakery products with Low Glycemic Index. 

Realife with Enzyme Resistant Starch compound has various effects on health proven by many scientific studies. The most studied ones are summarized in the table below.


Main Health Effects of Realife with Enzyme Resistant Starch Compound

Physiological effect Potential protective effect
Blood glucose level control Diabetes
Decreasing energy intake Obesity
Prebiotic effect Intestinal diseases Colon cancer
Kolon kanseri
Improving blood fat ratio Cholesterol
Cardiovascular diseases


In addition to the effects written above, clinical trials have shown that Enzyme Resistant Starch causes increase in the number of probiotics consisting of bifidobacteria having significant effects in terms of health and it shows positive effects in terms of decrease in cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin and fat ratio with positive change in the intestinal microbiota composition and short chain fatty acids concentration. 

Enzyme Resistant Starch in the content of Realife Diet and Diabetic Flour is defined as “Phosphated distarch phosphate” in “Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Food Additives” and it complies with all specification criteria stated within the scope of “Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Specifications of Food Additives”.

Now, it is easier for patients with obesity and diabetes to reach Realife flour and bakery products!
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