Life Conditions and facilities of technology affect our health negatively. For this reason, we have tried to make the flour we consume more quality. We got the license of Enzyme Resistant Starch developed by Tübitak Marmara Research Center Food Industry Laboratories. Thus, we established 100% pure Enzyme Resistant Starch plant which is the first in Turkey and the world. Our aim is to protect the health of both today’s people and future generations.
Realife White Flour can’t be distinguished from other white flours with its smell and taste. It is a product that can be safely consumed by all people who have diabetes and obesity and want to eat healthily.
The lower glycemic index of the food the slower its effect on blood sugar. Carbohydrate foods increase blood sugar and insulin levels.
Food produced from Realife Diabetic Flour has a low glycemic index and doesn't increase blood sugar level.
Carbohydrate is always seen as a need by the body and it is stored. Carbohydrate which is stored excessively increases glycemic index and makes weight gain easy.
Food produced from Realife Diet Flour has a low glycemic index and prevents obesity by helping weight control.
Your Dietary Habit Determines Your Quality of Life!
If daily gained energy is more than consumed energy, this causes obesity. For a healthy life, gained energy and consumed energy must be kept in balance. Diabetes is one of the health problems that cause obesity.
In order to prevent obesity and diabetes related diseases
In our production facility accredited by United Nations, we produce 100% pure ENZYME RESISTANT STARCH in compliance with Turkish Food Codex standards.
You can use 100% pure Realife Enzyme Resistant Starch for dessert, pastry and all kinds of foods which starch is added to.
We brought this project which was developed in laboratory environment with license, to industrial environment...
Enzyme Resistant Starch is an approved product after more than 50 clinical trials in many parts of the world and determination of its clinical effects by FDA in USA, by European Food Safety Authority EFSA in Europe.
After this functional food product that reduces the energy and glycemic index of foods is started to be used in production, an important step will have been taken in fight against obesity, overweight, heart and sugar diseases.
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Now, it is easier for patients with obesity and diabetes to reach Realife flour and bakery products!
You can reach Realife bakery products from Masum Beyaz Diet and Diabetes Bakery or our online store.